Software engineer, speaker, and writer.

I’m Igor, a software engineer, speaker, and writer. I’m based in Erevan, Armenia.

Angular Universal: real app problems

Angular Universal is an open-source project that extends the functionality of @angular/platform-server. The project makes server-side rendering possible in Angular. This article will discuss the issues and possible solutions we encountered while developing a real application with Angular Universal.

How to stop being afraid and create your own Angular CLI Builder

Angular CLI v8.0.0 brought us a stable CLI Builders API, which allows you to customize, replace, or even create new CLI commandsNow the most popular builder for customizing the `webpack` configuration is @angular-builders/custom-webpack. If you look at the source code of all the builders supplied with the package, you will see very compact solutions that do not exceed 30 lines of code. Maybe make your own? Challenge Accepted!

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